Evidence-based experiences delivered through dynamic video and developmental assignments

Digital Participant Workbook with worksheets and supplemental course content

Exclusive invitation to live Momentum Leadership Summit

Group coaching to maintain long-term benefits of personal growth and development

What if you can't fail?

Your attitudes about your own abilities will direct the course of your life. This experience is designed to bend your perspective of yourself. Your untapped potential is sitting over the horizon of who you think you are today.

Hidden Treasure

The world is changing. It is difficult to keep pace with this growth and maintain motivation in a shifting virtual world. This experience is grounded in the psychology's top recommendations for optimizing your motivation at work. 

After work...

You are looking at this program because you are already a high performer. You are the one your peers look to as an example. You have nearly maximized yourself at work. Now, what comes next? Where and how does the rest of your life integrate into work?

Relationships over Profit

Relationships at work are the top predictor of workplace satisfaction. This experience is grounded in agentic relationship-building to push yourself in building your personal and professional network. 

The Science of Influence

Build your confidence using evidence-based strategies. This experience challenges you to apply strategies and tips to influence both effectively and meaningfully so that you can optimize your impact in work and life.

Victim vs Agent

Does life happen onto you or do you happen onto life? Discover hidden behaviors to unlock your mindset. Proactively create an environment where control of your life is back in your hands.

The Momentum Experience is grounded decades of psychological research and practice.  It is where the science and practice of organizational psychology come to life. The trainings integrate the principles into actionable outcomes growing the maturity and performance of the participant. The experience is built upon the following foundational research:

Creating Movement


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